When you owe a creditor an unpaid debt, it is understandable that they might take action to get it back. What is not unacceptable is when they go beyond the bounds of professionalism and common courtesy by harassing you and your loved ones. Creditors have a right to settle debts, but you also have a right to live free from fear, abuse, and harassment.

Your rights are not just hypothetical. They are guaranteed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. Unfortunately, being written into law does not always mean that creditors always follow them. It would be best if you fought for the protections that the FDCPA affords you. At Greenstone Legal Group, we help you defend yourself against those that flaunt the law.

FDCPA Protections

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act pertains to any creditor (or their agents and representatives) that tries to collect unpaid consumer debt such as student loans, credit card debt, personal loans, mortgages, and utility bills. The FDCPA law went into effect in 1978 after lawmakers observed that collection agencies and creditors were abusing people in many ways while attempting to collect on outstanding debts.

Unfortunately, even this long after the law was first created you maybe also have experienced abuse such as:

  • Creditors are repeatedly calling you late at night or contacting you at work
  • Collectors attempting to get information about you from your spouse, parents, friends, or coworkers
  • Collection agents threatening that they would sue you or have the police arrest you
  • Representatives using profane and abusive language


These are just some examples of the unfair practices prohibited by the FDCPA, which are commonly breached. Fortunately, the law does not stop at defining what creditors can and cannot do. It also has given you the right to demand that they stop contacting you and allows you to hire a lawyer that your creditor must deal with instead of pestering you.

Have your rights been violated?

Contacting Greenstone Legal Group could be the simplest way to ensure that debt collectors treat you with the respect you deserve. Our understanding of the FDCPA and other related consumer debt protection laws enables us to build a case around your situation and interact with creditors to relieve debt-related stress.

Dealing with debt can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time. This is made worse when you are already doing everything in your power to resolve the situation, but the creditors will just not give you a break. The FDCPA is designed to restrain the efforts of those who make life harder for consumers and make sure that you can manage your debt responsibly without undue pressure.

Do not allow your debt crisis to be controlled by the whims of collection agencies that do not care about your financial and mental well-being. Our advisors understand and emphasize the situation you are in. We have helped many others in a similar place get relief. Contact a Greenstone Legal Group team member today for a complimentary consultation to end creditor harassment and resolve your debt problems.